WPcent new direction

New year new direction

This new year we decided here at WPcent that we will set a new direction. We will now streamline our posts/offers removing brands that offers poor quality services. We will make our own research in regards to that and we all ask for your help and cooperation, please provide honest reviews and opinions regarding our posts in the future.

More reliable VPS provider

Since we started this project we focus on VPS (virtual private server) providers (this may change in the future). And so you will most likely see changes in this area. We will now avoid hosting providers that are featured in Lowendbox as most of them are new and they all collocate to the company who owns Lowendbox (something isn’t right). And we observe in the past few months that most of the services from these companies are poor in quality.

For changes we are making in this website you can visit wpcent.com/whatsnew.

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