Quick CSS Quiz #3

The problem:

Having the following code snippet, for a paragraph element with font-size equals 12px, you want the paragraph’s line-height to be equals to the double of its font-size(24px). Which of the following line-height values will achieve this if you apply it to the body element?
(note that the default font-size for browser is 16px)

<p style="font-size: 12px">Having fun solving CSS Quiz</p> <style>
body { line-height: <value>;


  • 200%
  • 2em
  • 2
  • double

The answer:

you can find the answer below, but please give yourself a couple of minutes to think about it, to make sure you benefit from this quiz.


The correct answer is: "2" 🎉🎉
If you wonder why this is the correct answer, please read the discussions below, I will post the explanation soon.

Cover image original work by: Sergi Delgado

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